Josh started as a customer and ended up as an employee. He mainly focuses on managing the website, promotional events and marketing.

 Josh comes from a retail background but has been into jeeps since he got his 94' YJ from his brother when he was in college. When Josh's wheeling buddy (daughter) was born the YJ was no longer practical. It was only a matter of time before he ended up in a 98' xj, which was short lived and he soon found himself a 4 cylinder X-Terra for a couple of years.


Wrangler # 2

Wrangler # 2

Finally, the stars aligned...and the economy went south which forced Jeep to run a very elusive $2000 rebate on the then brand new 2009 Wrangler. Compelled to support the economy and rid himself of his X-Terra, Josh bought a brand spanking new silver...with a sweet stereo system. Within a week he was at the local 4wd shop that he drove past on the way to work, every day, for two years, talking to Phil about putting a mild lift on his Jeep. Well a few months went by, and Josh decided that he wanted out of the Jeep as the manual transmission and rough ride weren't exactly practical for the 150 mile round trip commute he just picked up. So the 09 went bye bye and Josh was Jeepless...

...but not for long! About 10 months after getting rid of the JK Josh got the bug again. One day, when test driving sports cars, he saw a hideous yellow 06' LJ on the used car lot at a local dealership. He decided to test drive it just for kicks and about six hours later he was driving it home. 

Josh spent a lot of time and local business support (money) building up the LJ so that he could take his daughter out for some great wheeling trips. It's important to note that this is the point where Josh became good friends with the guys at Searchers...which would lead to his eventual employment.  Ole' Yeller ended up with the following upgrades.

  • Rubicon Express 3.5" Lift
  • Bilstien 5100 Shocks
  • Smittybilt Front and Rear SRC Classic Bumpers
  • 33" BFG KM2 Tires
  • Performance Accessories 1" Body Lift
  • Teraflex Belly Up
  • Teraflex HD Trans Skid
  • Teraflex HD Oil Skid
  • Tearflex High Clearance Gas Tank Skid
  • Alloy USA D30 Chromoly Axle Shafts
  • Home made rocker guards
  • Smittybilt XRC8 Winch
  • Searchers HD Steering
  • Tom Woods Rear Drive Shaft
  • Bestop Trektop NX
  • Rugged Ridge Slip Yoke Eliminator
  • Black Steelies
  • A lot of gas
06 LJ testing breakover on the test track

06 LJ testing breakover on the test track

After a brief engagement ended Josh decided he needed some "me" he bought a 1978 CJ-7 and proceeded to take it apart and put it together bolt by bolt. This is when Josh's local business support (jeep spending) was at an all time high. Dubbed "Warbeast" by his buddy his CJ ended up with the following no frills set up...'s an 85''s an 85'

  • Tub swap to 85
  • Rugged ridge blank dash
  • Tach, temp, oil and volt guages only
  • Rubicon Express Extreme Duty 4.5" 
  • Rubicon Express Monotube Shocks
  • G2 One Piece Rear Axle
  • 35" BFG KM2's
  • Flat Black Steelies
  • Ford NP435 Transmission
  • AMC 360 Engine
  • Mallory HEI Ignition
  • Completely Rewired
  • Custom (cheap) black paint job
  • Corbeau Seats
  • JB Conversions Twin Stick
  • Tub Mounted Spare
  • Rugged Ridge HD steering mount
  • Searchers HD steering
  • a lot of other odds and ends


Shortly after the CJ project ended, Josh found himself in a position to retire from the retail world and start up here at Searchers. Feeling the need to help with providing a Searchers JK (or maybe it was time for another project) Josh volunteered to get a JKR. Josh just picked up this 2010 and it is well on it's way to being Searchers approved. Listed below is where it sits today with more to come.


  • Teraflex 4" Long Arm
  • Tearflex Big Brake kit
  • Offroad Evolution Skids
  • AFE high tuck exhaust
  • Tattons front and rear driveshafts
  • Artec Front D44 armor kit (truss, gusset and skid) 
  • Artec Rear D44 truss
  • Searchers Drag link Flip HD steering
  • Reid Racing JK D44 Knuckles
  • 315/70-17 Procomp MT2's
  • TJM Stealth 9000 Winch
  • TJM Front Rock Crawler Bumper
  • Rigid Dually D2's  
  • ....more to come....37's, flares, gears...etc... 
Out on the test track again

Out on the test track again