Mark is our Shop and Sales Manager has been with us for over 3 years.  Mark has been into Jeeps for as long as he can remember.  One of the greatest days of his life is when he finally purchased his first Jeep a 1990 4cyl YJ.  Sadly that Jeep met its fate to a 79 Cadillac.  After that he purchased his current primary Jeep a 1972 CJ5.

Mark grew up driving his Jeeps through the mountains and hills of North Carolina.  Having been born into three generations of engineers Mark followed suit getting a degree in aeronautics.  In College he cut his teeth hanging and working with a Jeep restoration shop in Florida.  Over the past decade Mark has spent much time working on various Jeeps, race cars and restoring airplanes. Mark is also our resident pilot.

After moving to to Louisiana Mark started hanging out at the shop so much that when he quit his job in the hotel industry, we hired him on here.  Mark's knowledge of older Jeeps and his ability to understand suspension systems has been extremely valuable to our shop.  The fact that he actually works in the shop and knows the ins and outs of equipment that he sells is something few other shops can say about their salesmen.

Currently Mark's off road rig is a 1972 Jeep CJ5 riding high on 2.5in of lift and 31in Super Swamper TSLs.  With lockers front and rear he isn't scared to put it just about anywhere on the trail.  Mark Also has a Dodge Ram 2500 he uses as a tow rig and a 42 Willys MB that he is in the process of restoring.

Lobo the CJ5

Lobo the CJ5

Mark's Current project Jeep is a 1942 Willys MB / Ford GPW.  He has spent the better part of the last year fixing just the frame.  He is currently in the process of putting the axles under the Jeep.