Metalcloak ARB Gamechanger 3.5" Suspension

We have been getting a lot of questions about the Metal Cloak lifts and products recently so we are going to start putting more reviews of their products up here.

First let me say this is a fantastic kit. It is built to handle well on and off road and provide superior flex. All of the kit components are well designed and manufactured and the fit and finish is great. As with almost every kit out there this kit does appeal to a specific buyer, but it would also work well for anyone looking for a great suspension under their 07-14 Wrangler.

Metal Cloak designs these kits to provide a great on road ride. We have found that this suspension rides better than stock on road at lower speeds but don't expect to see major changes until you get up over 35 MPH. At 35-40 MPH the suspension really does a great job absorbing bumps, ruts, uneven dirt roads and handles our awful Louisiana roads with relative comfort. This is where most daily drivers will notice the ride quality changes. 

Off road you will be able to eat up washboard roads and maintain better control at higher speeds. Most of us won't be entering any races with our JK's but it's nice to be able to go faster than 4mph on long trails and not destroy your jeep, your back and  kidneys. The other place where this kit shines is in the flex that it provides with bolt on components. There is a lot of design that goes into how this works so well and if you are interested in that side of it then go to to read more about the spring design, duroflex joints and other key components of this kit that allow it to transform from high speed handling to low speed flex quickly and seamlessly. 

Other Notes

If you are looking to install this in your driveway, be ready for a fight. Part of the reason this kit works so well is because of the dual progressive rate springs, which are very long for the lift height that they provide. This makes them a bear to get seated into the front coil springs buckets and perches. 

In order to get the most flex out of a game changer system you will want to look at the Game Changer with 6 pack shocks and high clearance fenders. Metal Cloak makes their suspensions to make the most of uptravel and down travel. The downside to the 6 pack system is the price, but if you can get over that then you are good. 

We do not sell this kit through our website but we do sell it through our shop. We are an authorized dealer and installer though and we would be happy to answer any of your questions about this suspension if you simply contact us here or stop by the shop.