Searchers Ox Locker Shifter Mounts are the ultimate solution for mounting your ox locker shifters in your Jeep CJ, YJ or TJ. This is another product developed out of necessity here at the shop. Ox lockers are known for being brutally tough and they are one of our favorite lockers to run here at the shop. We like the fact that they are mechanically actuated and can still be unlocked even if you rip out a cable on the trail. The only problem with them is figuring out where and how to cleanly mount the switches. If this is a task that you have attempted before you know how clumsy the ox supplied hardware is to mount. Well, we have that part taken care of for you. Our switch mounts are configurable in our store for either one or two switches and are made from 1/8" high carbon steel. They come fully assembled in bare steel, unpainted and without any stickers.

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Q - Can you make them for something besides a jeep CJ, TJ or YJ?

A - Yes, we will just need to know the vehicle you have and we may need to get some dimensions from you.

Q - How do I attach this bracket to the tub?

A - That is ultimately up to you, we typically use self tapping screws here at the shop. We do not include any mounting hardware because we have found that our customers have a lot of different preferences and fasteners are quite cheap.

Q - Is there cutting involved?

A - Yes, so if you are not comfortable with trimming some of the floor pan it's best to leave this to a pro. But if you don't mind doing some slight trimming then it's a pretty self explanatory install.

Q - Do these require welding?

A - They can be welded to the tub if you want, but we typically don't recommend it. Using a fastener to attach them is sufficient and will allow the lines to be serviceable. Other than that we do all of the welding here at the shop prior to shipping it out to you.