If you are looking for a roll cage for your Jeep, Bronco, Scout or any other OHV then we take care of you. We can modify existing cages and have re-welded cages for our customers in the past. We can also build front half cages off of factory cages for TJ's, YJ's and CJ's as well as rear family cages for CJ's, YJ's and other applications.

Phil has been designing and fabricating cages for customers for over ten years. He relies on his Mechanical Engineering background make safety and durability the foundation for any of his designs. From there he can add any features to your cage that you like.

Cage design does not stop with Phil, customers always have ideas and features that they would like to include. Here are some commonly added features; grab bars, additional spreader bars, cage integrated seat mounts, 5 point harness bars, new seats, child seat mounting tabs, etc. We will also work with you to make sure your ideas are safely included in the design.

If you have questions about cage pricing or would like to get a full quote, please click here to contact us and we will be happy to help you. If you are not quite ready for a roll cage but you are looking for something custom please contact us and we will be happy to help you out.

How much does a roll cage cost?

There is no typical cage price, we have found that everyone options out their cages differently and has specific needs or wants that can cause prices to fluctuate greatly.