Teraflex Elite LCG JK Long Arm

Long arm suspensions are designed to provide more travel and better ride quality than most short arm suspensions. This is due to the longer control arms that are moved more toward the center of the jeeps frame and the geometry corrections that are achieved from the new mounting points.

We have done several different Teraflex Long Arm suspensions on the 07-14 Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited's and we have been happy with all of them. These kits not only look great, they add a lot of functionality to your jeep.

On road the Teraflex long arms provide a far better than stock ride. Off road they provide a tremendous amount of suspension travel and control. With beefed up arms and joints these kits are built to take a beating. Because the suspension is so flexible it allows you to keep all four tires in contact with the ground as you navigate uneven terrain. This helps you maintain traction and have to rely less on lockers to get you where you want to go. We have also found that the Teraflex long arm kits are pretty stable on steep grades and in off camber situations.

Long arm kits tend to be the most labor intensive kits to install. If you plan on installing one at home you will need to know how to cut, grind and weld. You also need to have the necessary equipment to cut, grind and weld...but that goes without saying. You will also need an extra set of hands to help you move some of the heavier parts off of your jeep.

As far a shocks go we like the Teraflex Fox Shocks for those looking to do more offroading and the Teraflex VSS 9550's for those looking to stay more on road with this kit. Either shock rides great on road with a 4 door, the Teraflex Fox Shocks are a little more firm on a 2 door but they open up at higher speeds and provide less better stability as your jeep tips through off camber trails and climbs.

To run this suspension you will have to run an aftermarket wheel with proper backspacing or wheel spacers to clear all of the suspension components. You also need to look at the bump stops that come with the kit to determine what lengths you will want to run with your tire. For instance, if you add all of the bump stop extensions that come with the 4" kit you will be set up to run 37" tires. If you are running a 35" tires you will want to adjust lengths accordingly. That way you still get as much travel as possible out of your suspension.