Searchers 4WD Supply and Outfitters has been building and modifying Jeeps, Trucks and SUV's for over 10 years.
By offering both aftermarket parts and accessories from thousands of companies as well as in house custom fabrication we can help you with all of your offroad needs.



Where will your vehicle take you?

For us it's not just about the the daily commute, it's about having a machine that can take you to places that you have never seen.  

We are also passionate about treading lightly to get there so that others can enjoy what you have discovered. 

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Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Machines are the cornerstone of our work.

Machines are what we build and what we build with.   

We know that having a reliable machine that performs is important. Without one, your adventure never starts and creation is stifled.

Take a look at some of the machines we build, or stop by and we will show you what we build with.

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When you put together Nature and Machines, you get Adventure.

Where will you go today?

What will you see that you haven't seen before?  

What will you do that you have never done before?

We can help you build a vehicle so that you can go, see and do anything you want! 

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