Phil's 2013 Club Challenge Run

Here is a really cool video of Phil absolutely killing the Extreme class course at Sicily Island for the 2013 Louisiana Club Challenge. He finished with the fastest time in the race and an overall second place in the Extreme class. He was also running the smallest vehicle in his class. We were able to capture the action from a go pro on his winch and from outside at multiple points on the course so you get to see more than one point of view.


Phil takes the buggy out for it's first test run... 

...on our 50+ inch loading dock. 



Here is some video from the 2011 club challenge...our own Phil took 1st place in the Modified Class and Mark took 3rd in Stock Modified! 


Austin James Takes A Ride

WYNK's Austin James decided to take a ride on our test track while he was out to pick up his Jeep. Austin had a blast! 


Louisiana Club Challenge 2010

Someone was gracious enough to post this video of Phil laying down the Golden Eagle twice...then snapping a hub...but did he ever make it out? He made it out, even with the broken hub, and ended up taking home 3rd in the modified class this year!

 "Searchers Hill"

Phil and his son take on what is now known as "Searchers Hill"...C'mon...what other 4wd shop has it's own hill? 

Tunica Wheeling with Louisiana 4x4


Louisiana 4x4 offroad club ride for July 2009 at Tunica property in St. Francisville Lousiana. Video put together by Phillip Losh of Searchers 4wd.