Searchers Warn M8000 Solenoid Mount


The Warn M-8000 is undoubtedly one of the best all around winches on the market. They are known for being extremely reliable and in many cases outlast the vehicle that they are mounted on. The only drawback is the the mounting setup that comes with the M-8000 winches. The winches come standard side mount and the funky stand up mount that feels downright flemsy when installed. Many of our customers run bumpers that only allow center mount solenoids so we came up with a great solution. The Searchers M-8000 solenoid center mount is a great way to mount the solenoid out of the way on front bumpers that only allow you center mount a solenoid

The standard mount centers the solenoid from left to right and from front to back over the spool. The offset solenoid mount is still centered from left to right over the spool, but it moves the solenoid toward the front or rear of the spool depending on which way you mount it. The offset mounts are great for AEV JK bumpers and other bumpers where the winch mounts down into the bumper. The mounts are available in both steel and aluminum and do not require any additional mounting hardware, they simply use the bolts that are already on your winch. These work great for most 8-10k pound winches, but we do find that some winches like Smittybilt xrc series (and others with similar solenoid mounts) require you to use a fastener such as a hose clamp to attach the solenoid to the bracket.

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