On this page you will find whole vehicles and larger items (like a complete engine conversion kit) that we are selling at the shop. If you have a 4WD that you are looking to sell or you have questions about a vehicle we are selling contact us here, or stop by the shop any time.

Late 70's Dirt Track Chief - $1500

I think Phil may have won this in a bet. All jokes aside this Chief would make a great truggy project foundation. The engine is a very strong and reliable AMC 401 and the driveline appears to be in pretty good shape. We had high hopes and aspirations of building it here, but other projects have taken over. Obviously it is missing major portions of it's body, but it's also missing major portions of a price. If you are interested contact us here.

78 Jeep Cherokee Chief - $1750

We have a 1978 Cherokee Chief that runs and drives great. Full time 4wd with a low range. It has a slight lift and is sitting on 33's. The body needs work but can still function well as a daily driver or a project vehicle. It has an AMC 360 V8 that runs well.

If you have any further questions please email us here at sales@searchers4wd.com or josh@searchers4wd.com or contact us here.